About the Project

The Oh my God Project
The phrase, “Oh my God” is filling the everyday talk of Canadians.  As a communications professor, I’m incredibly curious about this phrase and how it plays out.  The Oh my God Project is focused on producing media that explores the presence and meaning of this phrase in our everyday experience.  This is a multi-year undertaking with several phases.  The first phase has been to produce a short documentary film (8-10 minutes) that explores when people say “Oh my God”.  The short doc invites you into a series of humorous and compelling conversations with people on the streets of Winnipeg and surrounding area to discover where the phrase shows up for them.

The second phase of the project will focus on the production of a longer feature documentary that will explore how and why we say “Oh my God”.  This film is intending to draw in cultural and religious experts, linguists and of course, everyday people on the streets and in the byways.  I like to think of the Oh my God Project as a documentary film adventure into the everyday talk of Canadians.

David C Balzer
Assistant Professor of Communications and Media
Canadian Mennonite University
Winnipeg, MB.