Short Film Trailer

The phrase “Oh my God” is filling everyday talk in Canada. Join David Balzer, a communications and media instructor from Winnipeg, as his curiosity takes him on a short documentary film adventure into the everyday talk of Manitobans.

David’s seemingly simple question on street corners and in byways leads to a string of humorous and compelling conversations.  The question, “when was the last time you said, Oh my God”? offers up spontaneous storytelling.

Original music and creative high-definition camerawork combined with an entertaining yet honest exploration of the subject promises to let the audience take a deeper look at one of Canada’s most popular phrases.   It’s a short documentary film (10 minutes), made for film festival and web distribution.

The film was shot in and around the city of Winnipeg between June-October 2014.  It is the first film in a larger research project David is pursuing in relation to the “Oh my God” phrase.